Visa applications

One of our main services is handling the complexity of visa applications for clients. While it is possible to handle your own application, in the same way that it is possible to represent yourself in Court, it carries the same risk as representing yourself in Court too.

Our set fee per case includes looking after all aspects of the application on your behalf, and dealing with INZ continually through the process. The only thing you need to do is provide the information we ask you for and certain details. The set fee package includes:

  • Compiling all required information - both standard application documents and documents required to support your specific situation
  • preparing the application
  • aligning supporting documents to your specific situation and the legal requirements of the visa you are applying for
  • writing a detailed cover letter which  supports your case and sets out how you meet the legal requirements of the visa
  • Submitting the application
  • Dealing with any information requests or PPIs from INZ

The process is much more complex than just submitting the documents asked for in the online application and hoping things go well. We take some of that randomness out of the process by including documents we know will be helpful and not including documents that we know will be harmful or irrelevant. The value added input of a professionally prepared application is that it is aligned to the specific immigration law it should be targeted at, and it is presented in a way that makes the assessing officer clearly understand that not only do you meet the criteria for a visa, but you have proved it beyond doubt.


The costs of an application depend on the complexity of it. INZ assess each application differently and so each application needs to be prepared differently. Some clients have more relevant supporting documentation than others, or the documentation may not be strong by itself and need supplementing. The visa type may be one that is currently being treated negatively by INZ due to political pressure at the moment. There are many factors which make an application more or less difficult and the costs involved will reflect this.

Set fees

Set fees take uncertainty out of how much your application will cost. The set fee guarantees that the cost of your application won't change regardless of any extra work involved (unless you have caused this extra work by your own action) right until the end of the application process. This means that if you receive numerous information requests or PPI letters, we will deal with that for no extra fee. 

Hourly rate work

Some types of applications or immigration work is done at our hourly rate. Usually this work is PPI responses from applications that clients have done themselves, appeals, requests for reconsideration and other work that is unclear on exactly how long things will take.