How do I get started?

Our process is simple and flexible and aims to provide good service without any surprises. The IAA requires that all LIAs be clear about how much things will cost and to provide accurate advice and good service to all clients. Our process means that you will know the costs, the time frame, what you need to do, what we will do for you and what your chances of success are, all before we start work. We never charge a fee without first clearly stating how much a service will cost and when you have to pay.

There are certain things that the IAA insist that LIAs adhere to when working with clients, our system maintains all of these and we try to go above this where we can as well.

Process overview

When you contact us, whether it is by phone, email, text or anything, the first thing we will want to know is about your situation and if your case is possible to take on. For example we do not do Australian or UK visas, so if a client calls asking about how to apply for an Australian visa, then we would refer them to find a MARA registered agent instead.

  1. First contact. An email is the best way of first contact unless you really need to explain a complex situation. If you contact us by email, please send in any relevant documents which may help us more clearly make the initial assessment. We do not give any immigration advice at this stage, but we will tell you if we cannot or will not take on your case,and the reasons why, for no charge.
    1. If you wish to make an appointment at this stage it may be useful if you are still not sure. This is a paid service and is only really necessary if you or us feel the situation is very complex and it needs to be discussed in detail to clear up misunderstandings.
  2. If we assess your case as possible and something that we can help you with, we will send you an email with a quote for how much it is likely to cost and how long it is likely to take. If you accept this and tell us to proceed, we will draw up an agreement for you to sign and provide you with the documents to get started. You need to sign and return the agreement before we can start work. Signing an agreement is the point where we both formally agree to work on your case and it is the point where charges start to apply. Without an agreement or written confirmation we cannot give you immigration advice and we won't invoice you for anything either.
  3. Once the agreement is signed, we work on your case. We may ask you for certain documents, and we may need to contact your employer to get certain documents from them as well. You don't need to do anything difficult, we do everything for you, including submitting the application or appeal and dealing with INZ on your behalf.
  4. When your case is completed we will notify you of the result and send you any documents that are necessary. We do not charge any extra fee for a positive result.


Frequently asked Questions

Q: What if I just have one question?

A: You are welcome to make an appointment just for one question. We work on the same kind of system as going to the doctors, while you are at your appointment you can ask one or 20 questions. the consultation time and cost is based on blocks of 30 minutes, so you can ask as many or few questions as you like within each 30 minute block without affecting the cost.

Q: If I have decided i want KIWI@HOME to represent me and do my application, do i need to make an appointment?

A: No, you can deal with everything by email if you wish to. We are happy dealing with clients online usually, and this also means that we can easily help clients who are in any part of New Zealand or the world. We will only usually ask to meet you if we feel it will assist clarity or there seems to be an unusually complex problem.

For set-fee cases, if you need to meet once we have started the case, there is usually no extra fee for this.

Q: Do you have free consultations

A: No. Just like a doctor, all appointments need to be paid for. There is a lot of free immigration advice on our website, but if you need specific advice for your unique situation, then this is a skilled, professional service and as such cannot be done for free